Map of the city of Vitebsk

City of Vitebsk

The administrative centre of the Vitebsk obtast The population is 373,000 people. Telephone code 8-0212 (2). History Founded in 974. First Vitebsk was within the Polotsk Principality, then as a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Situated on the…

Flag National emblem Republic of Belarus

Facts and figures on Belarus

State structure and policy Belarus is a presidential republic The President ot the Republic ot Belarus is the head ot the state. The executive power is exercised by the Government — the Cabinet ot Ministers of the Republic of Belarus,…

Фотографии костела св. Ангелов-Хранителей (продолжение)

Фотографии костела св. Ангелов-Хранителей (продолжение)

Продолжение серии фотографий костела св. Ангелов-Хранителей, расположенного в поселке Роготна, Дятловского района Гродненской области. Предыдущая часть фотографий находится тут “Фотографии костела св. Ангелов-Хранителей”