Where is Belarus!

Belarus, formerly one of the most advanced republics of the USSR, has recently become a new independent state of the Central Europe. The country Is experiencing a complicated though exciting time of transformation of the economic and political systems, formation of the state policy.

You are holding our first edition attempting to present, in a concise form, comprehensive information, which may be useful for a businessman or a tourist travelling to Belarus. We tried to check thoroughly all the information while compiling this guide, yet time is advancing, and some of the included addresses, telephone numbers, figures, etc. may change. We will appreciate all your comments and suggestions which will be helpful for the next issues.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of Belarus who have provided the maior part of the economic information, the Ministry of Sports and Tourism for the tourism related information. Our special thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, the Contact Bureau of the Land of the Northern Rhine — Westfalia in Minsk and the Belarusian Institute of Tourism who helped us much to collect the information.

Welcome to Belarus

Welcome to Belarus

May we also take this opportunity to wish all of our readers good health, fortune and prosperity in business. Hopefully, Belarus Business & Tourist Guide will help you navigate through Belarus and set up profitable business contacts with the Belarusian counterparts.

Welcome to Belarus!