City of Grodno

The administrative centre of the Grodno oblast. The population is 299,000 people. Telephone Code 8-0152.


It is first mentioned in 1128 as a centre of the Grodno Principality. In 1376 Grodno became the second capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1576-1586 it was a residence of the King of Poland, Stephan Batoria. In 1793 the last Seim of the Rzech Pospolita took place in Grodno, it pro¬claimed the second partition of Poland. After the third partition of Poland in 1795, the city was incorporated into the Russian Empire. In 1920-1939 Grodno was a part of Poland, since 1939 — a Belarusian city.

Places of interest

12th century Borisoglebskaya Church, the «Old Castle» palace with the remains of the ancient walls of the 14th century, rebuilt in the 15th century into a Stephan Batoria’s Palace which nowadays is a historical and archaeological museum. The New Castle (the middle of the 18th century) is the place of the sitting of the last Seim of Rzech Pospolita. The Jesuit Catholic Church of 1647-1663 having a rich carved altar. Ensembles of numerous cloisters and churches.

Map of the city of Grodno

Map of the city of Grodno

Map of the city of Grodno


BELARUS — Kalinovskogo 1. Tel. 44-02-34
GRODNO — Popovicha 1. Tel. 24-233.28-470
TOURIST — Yanka Kupaly Blvd. 63. Tel. 65-520,65-590
NEMAN — Krupskoi 8. Tel. 45-43-27


BELARUS — Kalinovskogo 1. Tel. 44-10-44
BYELOSTOK — Engelsa 20. Tel. 44-33-64
GRODNO — Popovicha 1. Tel. 24-267
ZUBR — Oktyabrskaya 5. Tel. 44-25-40
TOURIST — Yanka Kupaly Blvd. 63. Tel. 62-500

Useful telephone numbers

Bus Station inquiry office 453-724
Railway Station inquiry office 448-556
Airport inquiry office 441-150
City telephone inquiries 09
Pharmacies information 454-386
Taxi 005
International telephone calls 071
Telegrams by phone 066
Psychological aid by phone 454-795


Priorbank Grodno Branch 230000, Grodno, Mostovaya37.
Tel. 47-28-36, fax 44-26-53. Bank account opening. Bank operations with credit cards and traveler’s cheques. Money transfers.

Security services

Guard (Ohrana)
230005, Grodno, per.Dzerginskogo 19. Tel. 33-37-89,31-66-85, fax 31-70- 95. Object guarding. Cargo forwarding. Signal and alarm systems installing.