City of Vitebsk

The administrative centre of the Vitebsk obtast The population is 373,000 people. Telephone code 8-0212 (2).


Founded in 974. First Vitebsk was within the Polotsk Principality, then as a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Situated on the cross-roads of trade ways, the city had commercial relations with Riga and the German cities. In 1597 the city was granted the Magdeburg Rights. In 1772 it formed a part of the Russian Empire.

Places of interest

There is a Regional Museum in the building of the former town hall, 12th Century Blagoveshchenskaya (Annunciation) Church, the Basilian Cloister (1743-1785), the Kazan Church (1760) and others. The outstand¬ing painter Marc Chagall was bom, lived and worked in Vitebsk (his house survived). Chagall’s art festivals, music festivals, including the great Inter¬national song festival «The Slavic Bazaar», are regularly held in Vitebsk.

Map of the city of Vitebsk 

Map of the city of Vitebsk

Map of the city of Vitebsk



VITEBSK — Zamkovaya 5/2a Tel. 37-72-80,37-26-30, fax 36-95-36.
ERIDAN — Sovetskaya 21/17. Tel. 36-24-56, fax 36-24-56.
DVINA — Ilyinskogo 41/18. Tel. 36-27-73.


VITEBSK — Zamkovaya 5/2a. Tel. 36-06-23
ZELENA GURA — Frunze Av. 44. Tel. 4-11-88.
AURORA — Lenina 53. Tel. 36-54-62.
KAUNAS — Pobedy (Victory) Av. 8. Tel. 2-80-67.
SYABRINA — Brovky 5a. Tel. 1-99-48

Useful telephone numbers


Bus Station inquiry office 363-194
Railway Station inquiry office 364-333
Airport inquiry office 51-142
Air ticket information 53-307
Bus ticket booking 29-330
Railway ticket bookina 002
City telephone inquiries 09
Pharmacies information 29-509
Taxi 061
Telegrams by phone 006