City of Gomel

The administrative centre of the Gomel oblast. The population is 518,000 people, the second by size in Belarus. Telephone code 8-0232.


First mentioned in 1142 under the name of Gomiy. It was a part of the Chernigov Principality, since 1335- part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1772 after the first partition of Rzech Pospolita, Gomel was incorporated into the Russian Empire. Following that, the Russian Empress Catherine the Great presented lands in the city to the hero of the Russian — Turkish War Marshal Rumyantsev who initiated the construction of the Palace-Park Ensemble.

Places of interest

Rumyantsev-Paskevlchy’s Palace — Park Ensemble is a fine specimen of the architecture of the 18th-the beginning of the 19th century; includes the Peter and Paul Cathedral, a chapel and the Pashkevichy’s tomb. There survived a 18th century wooden Ilia Church, a bridge across the river Sozh (1857), and others. The Museum of History in the town of Vetka (18 km off Gomel) is known by its unique collection of old icons and manuscripts.

Map of the city of Gomel

Map of the city of Gomel

Map of the city of Gomel



Gomel — Privokzalnaya 1. Tel. 55-32-45,55-12-97
Sozh — Krestyanskaya 16. Tel. 53-81-73,53-37-61
Oktyabrskaya — K. Marxal. Tel. 55-21-03
Tourist — Sovetskaya 87. Tel. 57-48-77


Belarus — Lenina 2. Tel. 53-74-20
Gomel — Privokzalnaya 2. Tel. 55-93-57
Centralny — Communarov 6. Tel. 53-58-10
Sozh — Sovetskaya 14 Tel. 25-35-54
Zhuravinka — Kochnaral 1. Tel. 56-11-59
Ivushka — B.Khmelnitskogo 90. Tel. 48-19-72

Lagal advice

Inter Lex 246000, Gomel, Krestyanskaya 16-214. Telefax 53-65-46.
Debt repayment. Check of a partner’s reputation. Registration ot companies

Medical services

Medeya 246000, Gomel, Sovetskaya 57. Tel. 57-36-10.57-43-10, fax 57-25-40,53- 75-60.

Useful telephone numbers

Bus Station inquiry office 004
Railway Station inquiry office 005
Airport inquiry office 006
Bus ticket booking 55-80-52
Railway ticket booking 055
City telephone inquiries 09
Pharmacies information 086
Taxi 058
International telephone calls 072
Psychological aid by phone 55-20-08