City of Brest

The administrative centre of the Brest oblast, situated on the border with Poland. The population is 293,000 people. Telephone code: 8 — 0162.


Brest is first mentioned in 1019 as Berestye. It was in the possession of Turov princes, then Kiev princes. Since 1319 it was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, later on it was renamed into Brest Litovsky. In 1596 the Brest Council was held in Brest where the union of the Orthodox and Catholic churches was proclaimed. In 1795, Brest was attached to the Russian Empire. In 1830s the first fortress fortifications emerged, and the early 20th century already evidenced a first-class fortress. The Brest Peace Treaty was signed between the Soviet Russia and Germany in the White Palace in Brest on March 3, 1918. Over 1921-1939, Brest belonged to Poland, since 1939 it is a Belarusian town. During World War II, the Brest Fortress became famous for its heroic defense.

In December 1991, in Belovezhskaya Pushcha near Brest, the leaders of Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus signed an agreement on abolition of the USSR and foundation of the CIS.

Places of interest

There is a Museum of the Brest Fortress Defense, a Regional Museum with its subsidiary — an Archeological Museum «Berestye». The national park «Belovezhskaya Pushcha» not far from Brest is known for its unique population of bisons living in natural conditions.

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Map of the city of Brest

Map of the city of Brest

Map of the city of Brest


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