City of Mogilev

The administrative center of the Mogilev oblast. The population 367,000 people. Telephone code 8-0222.


It was first mentioned in 1267. Mogilev once belonged to the Kiev Principality and later to the Vitebsk Principality. Since the 14th century it was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, where it ranked second in the economic respect. In 1561 Mogilev was granted the Magdeburg Rights. After the first partition of Poland in 1772, Mogilev was incorporated into the territory of Russia. During World War I, August 1915 to November 1917, it was the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian troops. The last Russian tsar Nikolai II spent much time there.

Places of interest

17th Century Nikolai Church, St. Stanislav Church (18th-19th centuries), Archbishop Palace (18th century) and others. In 1708 the great battle between the Russian Army of Peter the First, and the Swedish King Karl XII took place near the village of Lesnaya not far from Mogilev.

Map of the city of Mogilev

Map of the city of Mogilev

Map of the city of Mogilev


MOGILEV — Mira Av. 6. Tel 26-31-89
DNIEPER — Pervomaiskaya 29. Tel. 25-90-41
TOURIST — Pushkina Av. 6. Tel. 44-56-55


GABROVO — Pervomaiskaya 31. Tel. 22-23-15
BINGO — Leninskaya 61.Tel. 23-06-41
MOGILEV — Mira Av. 6. Tel. 26-39-26
VERASOK — Pecherskoye highway. Tel. 22-33-14
KHARBIN — Cosmonavtov 19. Tel. 25-50-20

Useful telefone numbers


Bus Station inquiry office 004
Railway Station inquiry office 212-128
Airport inquiry office 006
Bus ticket information 255-044
City telephone inquiries 09
Pharmacies information 055
Taxi 058
International telephone calls 071
Telegrams by phone 256-135
Psychological aid by phone 268-402